About Our Team

Our Team of Experienced executives stand ready to assist you in crafting the perfect solution

Mike Gordon

Board Advisor for Operations

Dennis Noto

Board Advisor to Technology, Product Strategy and Development. 

Jim Barnebee


SukhVir Virk

Board Advisor for International Development

Jerrad Jorgensen

Board Advisor, Strategy and Professional Services

Mike, possessing over 30 years of experience in IT, Business Intelligence (BI), and Data, is a distinguished advisor and program management executive. He has led the implementation of complex systems for numerous multinational corporations in diverse industries. His expertise encompasses the full spectrum of IT systems’ lifecycle, including design, development, deployment, and ongoing management.

Dennis has spearheaded product technology innovation across multiple sectors, including FinTech, Logistics, E-commerce, and Retail. His portfolio includes significant contributions to technical advancement at companies such as Broadridge, TD Ameritrade, IBM, LPL, and Axos Advisor Services. Dennis has led a $1B Ecommerce Retail operation that handles global payment transactions for Tupperware. Previously at IBM, Dennis played a pivotal role in designing AI, NLP machine learning, and orchestration technologies for Watson products, including Watson Virtual Assistant, Watson Discovery, and Watson ML Studio. His expertise in developing sophisticated enterprise-grade production systems and the acquisition of those companies is instrumental in advising AIM-E. 

Jim was designated one as of the top 200 UX in AI executives in 2022. He is a board advisor for tech startups and universities. He has numerous patents in AI and Machine Learning (ML). His interviews, articles, papers, software and SIGs are available via Linkedin

He also goes shark diving and writes children’s books on science in his spare time

Sukh is an  Independent consultant supporting multiple roles in Solution Architecture, Data Architecture, Project Management, Delivery Lead, Agile Coach and Scrum Master for various clients, and working in an international environment. 

Jerrad has a strong record in tech leadership (EY, IBM, Deloitte) and business transformation across various industries. He specializes in digital innovation, solution implementation, and driving substantial revenue growth. His expertise in technology strategy, AI, data analytics, and cybersecurity positions him as a forward-thinking leader adept at addressing complex situations while fostering collaboration and mentoring top-performing teams. His proven success makes him an invaluable advisor for AIM-E in delivering outstanding client outcomes in a dynamic technological environment.

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