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July 1, 2024

TOSY Flying Ring – 12 LEDs, Super Bright, Soft & Photoluminescent⁣ Rim,⁢ Auto Light Up, Safe, Waterproof, Lightweight frisbee, Cool Fun⁤ Birthday,‌ Camping & ⁤Outdoor/Indoor Gift Toy for Boys/Girls/Kids

Ultimate⁤ Toy ⁣Fun Roundup!

FLIES STRAIGHT & AUTO LIGHT UP – ⁤ Lightweight and well-balanced, our ‍TOSY Flying Ring is easy ⁣to throw, flies ⁣straight, and soars up to 100 feet. As you throw it, ‍the ⁣lights turn on ​and off automatically for battery-saving. Phosphorescence and glow-in-the-dark rim ‌help find ⁢the ring easier.

SOFT RIM &‍ SAFE PLAY ⁣- The super soft rim makes throwing and ⁢catching ‌so ⁤effortless ⁢for players ‍of all⁣ ages from 5 years old. ‌Absolutely no pain or⁢ discomfort, and it is safe to ⁢play‍ inside the house. Included battery lasts up to 4000 throws and ⁣can be replaced easily following instructions.

WATERPROOF & FLOATABLE – Our TOSY Flying Ring⁣ is ‌a great toy for⁣ any gathering, event, party, camping trip, or any outdoor/indoor activity and game at the⁢ beach, pool, ⁢park, lawn, backyard… for both kids and adults. Playing ⁢with‍ dogs is⁢ not ⁣recommended.

PERFECT ​GIFT – This⁢ is truly ​a must-have gift idea‌ for Christmas stockings, Easter basket stuffers, birthday, or any special occasion, as it is so ⁤much​ fun,⁣ high-quality, durable and unique. Please contact our Customer Care (email address engraved on the product) for any questions or assistance.

12 SUPER BRIGHT LEDS – As the ​world’s only light-up flying ring,⁣ you will love‍ playing with our unique TOSY Flying Ring‍ both indoors & outdoors, day & night‍ with your friends and family. You won’t​ believe how much fun it is until you try it!


POWERUP ‌4.0 The Next-Generation Smartphone RC ‌Controlled Paper Airplane Kit. Easy to Fly with Autopilot ⁣& Gyro Stabilizer. ⁣For⁢ Hobbyists, Pilots, Tinkerers. ‍STEM Ready with DIY⁢ Modular ‍Kit

Ultimate Toy⁤ Fun Roundup!

POWERUP 4.0 The ⁤Next-Generation Smartphone RC Controlled Paper Airplane Kit

Take flight to the next‌ level ‍with⁣ our state-of-the-art​ smartphone-controlled paper airplane! Incredible stability is⁣ achieved with loops, barrel rolls, and hammerheads in Acro Mode, thanks to⁢ the‍ onboard computer that automatically calibrates your paper airplane for any weather conditions. With rapid charging, you can get 10 minutes of ⁣flight time with just a ⁣30-minute charge, and experience a ‌range of up to 230ft at speeds up to‍ 20mph. With its STEM ready design, you can explore aerodynamic forces and various wing configurations, making it great for outdoor classes or family exploration. The durable carbon fiber⁢ body ensures ⁤your paper airplane ​can withstand bumps and even unexpected crashes. Plus, with piloted‍ flight, you can ⁣experience the thrill⁣ of⁣ high-speed tricks with the bluetooth module and autopilot control. ⁤Get ready ⁣to soar with the POWERUP 4.0 paper airplane!



Fidget⁣ Pen Decompression ​Magnetic Metal Pen, Toy Pen Relieving‌ Stress Build Various ​of Shapes, Strato Pen Multifunctional Deformable Magnet Writing Pen‌ Polar ⁢Pen for ⁣Christmas Gift (Pen Colorful)

Ultimate⁢ Toy Fun ⁤Roundup!

Multifunction Writing Instruments: This​ magnetic pen is not just a pen, also be a⁤ finger fidget‍ toy.⁢ It can be rotated and transformed into a variety​ of creative, free combination, multiple and diverse plays. Packing Included: Two Stylus Head,⁢ Can be used as a gel ⁣pen, touch screen pen, ‌13pcs magnetic rings, 12pcs steel balls, user instruction and gift box. Great​ Gift: A perfect decompression toy as ‌a Christmas ​gift for kids, ​teacher, student, engineer, doctor, lawyer,‍ designers, and other ‍brain-workers. Build The​ Shape of The Toy⁤ You Want: ‌Tired of the ‍toy ‌only has one styling? This magnetic pen can change shape according to your images anytime, anywhere, like Swords, robots, monsters, etc.‍ It is a good toy to pass the time.



Toysmith Tech‍ Gear‍ Multi ⁢Voice Changer, Amplifies Voice With 8 Different Voice Effects, For Boys ⁤& Girls Ages 5+, Colors vary

Ultimate Toy Fun‍ Roundup!
Toysmith Tech Gear Multi Voice Changer

Create hundreds of⁣ different⁣ sound⁣ combinations with this electronic voice synthesizer. Enjoy hours of laughter and ⁢fun​ with the Tech-Gear Multi Voice Changer. Experiment with the science⁤ of sound using this electronic ‍voice synthesizer, featuring 10‌ different voice modifiers. Side​ levers adjust frequency and amplitude, creating hundreds ​of different sound combinations. Effects ‍include a voice⁣ amplifier ⁣and colorful flashing LEDs. Requires one 9-volt battery (included). Recommended for ages 5​ and up. Enjoy hours of‌ laughter and​ fun singing songs, reading ‌stories, making spooky ⁣voices, and more. Side⁢ levers adjust frequency and amplitude, creating hundreds of different sound combinations. Effects ‍include ‍a​ voice​ amplifier and colorful flashing ​LEDs. One 9-volt battery included. A fun toy for kids and adults alike. Challenge your children’s imaginations and keep them active⁣ with ⁣Toysmith. Amplifies your voice with⁢ 10 different voice modifiers.​ Use side levers to ‌create various combinations. Features flashing LED lights. ​Requires⁢ one 9 volt battery – Included. ⁤Assorted colors. Show more.



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